Alfatron MUH88E



Alfatron MUH88E

The Alfatron ALF-MUH88E Kit is a professional 4K HDBaseT Home Distribution Hub Kit which consists of a 4K HDBaseT Matrix Switcher, seven HDBaseT Receivers and accessories.

The ALF-MUH88E 8×8 HDBaseT Matrix Switcher consists of the following inputs and outputs: 8 x HDMI IN (4kx2K@60Hz signal at max), 7 x IR IN, 1 x IR EYE, 8 x IR OUT, 1 x IR OUT ALL, 7 x HDBaseT OUT, 1 x HDMI OUT, 1 x SPDIF OUT, 1 x L&R RCA OUT, TCP/IP and, an RS232 control port via phoenix connector.

The ALF-TPHD-BYE-R is an HDBaseT Receiver that consists of the following inputs and outputs: 1 x HDBaseT IN, 1 x IR IN, 1 x IR OUT and an HDMI OUT. The receiver is powered directly by the ALF-MUH88E Matrix Switcher. All HDMI inputs can be selected either via the front panel buttons, IR, RS232, or GUI. The selected source is delivered to HDBaseT zoned outputs 1 through 7 and HDMI Output. The Matrix Switcher is capable of delivering 4K signals up to 40m (131ft), 1080p up to 70m (230ft), powering the receivers via a single CAT6 cable. The Matrix Switcher supports EDID management and is HDCP 2.2 and HDCP 1.4 compliant. Audio sources can be selected via RS232 commands and TCP/IP at the Matrix Switcher or by 3rd Party control.


Product Features

  • HDBaseT Matrix Switcher that features seven HDBaseT outputs and one HDMI output
  • Supports HDCP 2.2, and is backwards compatible with previous versions of HDCP and HDMI
  • Transmits 4Kx2K@60Hz 4:2:0 up to 8m (26 ft) via HDMI port and 40m (131 ft) via HDBaseT port
  • Seven HDBaseT outputs with distances up to 70m (230 ft) at 1080p and 40m (131 ft) at 4Kx2K on a single CAT6 cable
  • HDBaseT Receivers are powered via the matrix using PoC technology
  • LED indicators show real-time switching status
  • Controllable via the front panel, RS232, IR, and TCP/IP
  • Built-in GUI for TCP/IP control and setup
  • Powerful EDID management
  • Supports CEC to control far-end display devices via RS232 commands
  • Features Micro USB port for firmware upgrades
  • Easy installation with rack-mounting design, mounting hardware included
  • Power Supply: Matrix Unit AC100V~ 240V; Receivers via PoC

Additional information

Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 30 × 43.64 × 4.4 cm


4K HDBaseT Matrix Switcher 

Video Input 
Input  8 x HDMI 
Input Connector  Female HDMI 
Input Level  T.M.D.S. 2.9V~3.3V 
Input Impedance  100Ω (Differential) 
HDMI Standard  Supports 4K@60 4:2:0 and HDCP2.2, backward compatible with all previous standards. 
Video Output 
Output  1 x HDMI 

7 x  HDBaseT 

Output Connector  Female HDMI 

Female RJ45 (with LED indicators) 

Output Level  T.M.D.S. 2.9V ~ 3.3V 
Output Impedance  100Ω (Differential) 
HDMI Standard  Support 4K@60 4:2:0 & HDCP1.4 and is backward compatible with all previous standards. 
Video general 
Video Signal  HDMI (or DVI-D) 

Transmission Distance 

1080P@60Hz ≤70m 

4Kx2K@60Hz ≤40m 

Resolution Range  Up to 4Kx2K@60Hz 
EDID Management  Built-in EDID data and manual EDID management 
Gain  0 dB 
Bandwidth  10.2Gbit/s 
Switching Speed  200ns (Max.) 
Audio general 
Output Signal  Stereo audio Digital audio 
Analog Audio Output  Support PCM 
Digital Audio Output  Supports PCM, Dolby, DTS, DTS-HD 
Frequency Response  20Hz~20KHz 
Output Connector  1 x L&R (RCA) 

1 x SPDIF 

Control Parts 
Control Ports  8 x IR OUT 


7 x IR IN 

1 x  IR EYE 

1 x  TCP/IP (female RJ45) 

1 x  RS232 (3-pin pluggable terminal block) 

Panel Control  Front panel buttons 
RS232 Control  3-pin pluggable terminal block 
IR  Extended IR receiver 
TCP/IP Control  Web-based GUI 
Power Supply  AC100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 
Power Consumption  93W (Max) 
Temperature  0 ~ +50 
Reference Humidity  10% ~ 90% 
Dimension (W*H*D)  436.4mm x 44.0mm x 300.0 mm 
Net weight  2.9Kg 

HDBaseT Receiver 

Input & Output 
Input  1 x HDBaseT 
Input Connector  Female RJ45 (with LED indicators)
Output  1 x HDMI 
Output Connector  Female HDMI 
Control  1 x IR IN 

1 x IR OUT 

Control Connector  3.5mm mini jacks 
Resolution Range  Up to 4K×2K@60Hz 
Transmission Mode  HDBaseT 
Transmission Distance  1080P@60Hz ≤70m 

4Kx2K@60Hz ≤40m 

Bandwidth  10.2Gbps 
HDMI Standard  Support HDMI1.4 and HDCP1.4 
Temperature  0 ~ +50 
Humidity  10% ~ 90% 
Power Supply  DC 12V, 1A 
Dimension (W*H*D)  W120mm x D74mm x H18mm 
Net Weight  280g 

Download Image

Download Image



Technical Sheet

User Manual



1. Q – What is the Alfatron ALF-MUH88E kit?

    A – It is an eight HDMI input by seven HDBaseT and a single HDMI output 4K Matrix Switcher.

2. Q – Does the unit support full 4K?

    A – The unit supports 4Kx2K@60Hz.

3. Q – What distance can the image be sent via the CAT cable?

    A – 40m / 131ft for 4K and 70m / 230ft for 1080p. The HDMI output can carry 4K signal up to 8m / 26ft.

4. Q – Will CAT5e be sufficient for the HDBaseT?

      A – No, CAT6 and above is recommended.

5. Q – How do I control the ALF-MUH88E kit?

     A – The unit is controllable via the front panel buttons, RS232, IR, and TCP/IP.