MV4 is a powerful, universal and user-friendly image analyzing processor with 4 DVI input ports and 4 output ports. It is not only a matrix switcher but also a Multi-viewer or video wall processor.

As a video wall processor, MV4 is able to zoom in one input image three/ four times to the outputs. And as a Multi-viewer processor, MV4 can mix inputs with any combos to one image, and then transfer to all the outputs. It also supports output resolution change, contrast & brightness adjusting, H&V zooming and moving, and bezel adjustment.

MV4 provides with various ways for system control through its control ports, such as the RS232 serial port, USB interface, and the TCP/IP network port. It can be controlled easily by using the control software MV4Demo.

It has a good application on various occasions, such as TV broadcasting, multi-media meeting room, network operations centre, medical institutions, command & control centre etc.


Support multi-viewer function.

Support video wall processor function.

Support image overlap.

Support preset function.

Support output scaling function.

Support position and size adjusted.

Contrast and brightness adjustable.

HDCP Compliant.

Alfatron Control Software.

Firmware updatability via USB.

Controllable via button, RS232 & TCP/IP.


Additional information

Weight 5.2 kg
Dimensions 23.5 × 48.3 × 4.4 cm